The world trough a photo lens

There is hope

Lace on brick

A flower installation Turku, Finland

Copenhagen in the rain

Bengali muslim ramadan jamme

Many opinions

Brick Lane smalltalk

Santas donkey

Love can be harsh

Love can be like a pile of seeds on the sidewalk with a cigarett

Or like a girl by a flowershop under London bridge…

…and a boy in love who takes a picture…

…when a bulldozer comes from nowhere….

Bridged in marrige



  1. Thank you for stopping by.

    1. The same to you! Where in the world are you?

      1. Ok, yes you had photos from lots of places. But I guess if you work as a journalist that would be the case. I live in Finland but has also lived in the US. Have a good day – our day is over here!

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