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Why aren’t americans reacting, or are they?

I follow the news and find myself (and Jonathan) watching more political TV shows and news programs than ever before. For some reason we need to follow the daily political madness in the US – and suffer while we do. We did not spend as much time in front of the TV (or computer) screen […]

Transparent solar panels!

We are designing our greenhouse or porch which we will build partly from old windows. A solar panel roof seems smart but until today neither of us have ever seen transparent solar panels. After searching for images on the internet I found this amazing panel!  We might not be able to use these in our […]

…and learn something about a stranger!

After I had written the post to the graduating class of 2018 I thought of one more piece of advice which was missing in Mary Schmich’ essey. This thought came to me while sitting on a tram in Gothenburg, Sweden, watching my co-passangers. On the tram I once again witnessed a phenomenon I have been […]

Protected: Var finns finansiärerna för hållbar social utveckling?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Var finns finansiärerna för hållbar social utveckling?

Hur kan vi komma någon vart med att utveckla hållbara sociala lösningar när de som sitter på pengarna (fonder både med och utan utnämnda expertgrupper, lokala utvecklingsgrupper och kommuner) inte verkar förstå innebörden av social hållbarhet och tvärdisciplinära samarbeten med målet att skapa ett rättvisare och jämlikare samhälle och hur viktigt det är att vi […]

March For Our Lives!

See March for Our Lives Rally or parts of it – it is amazing – there is hope!  

These are the kinds of loving actions we need right now!

(CNN)It’s in a mother’s nature to help her children, but one group of moms is doing what it can to help students across the nation. Eleven mothers from metro Washington, D.C. banded together to find free housing for students coming to March for Our Lives on Saturday. The march is a student-led demonstration for school safety and […]