The Obama we knew on Marc Maron show

I was really disappointed in Obama and everyone else who knew about the spying the NSA had been doing for many years. I could not understand how you could know about their methods and not do anything. After I read the book No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald and saw the film Citizenfour about Edward Snowden I took away the “Yes We Can” bumper stickers from our cars. But when I listen to this podcast in which comedian Marc Maron interviews Barack Obama, I feel what I felt when I first listened to Obama and read his books 6 -7 years ago: he is an intelligent and in many ways good guy and he could have done more during his presidency if he had had more support from Congress.

After listening to Maron’s interview you might want to listen to another interview where Terry Gross interviews Marc Maron after Maron interviewed Obama.

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