Take it to the streets – Architecture that ‘spatialises’ the discussion about space

This is an amazing urban space project – if only all architects and cityplanners would be as wise as this Danish architect!





When I graduated at the School of architecture in Copenhagen I left a place that I thought was happily lost in its on world far away from the very real world that surrounds the school and the students (and the profession as such). When i got to know the UK architect Jeremy Till years later it made me feel much better when he told me that he thought that the Copenhagen school was one of the most decadent schools he knew with the students sitting in the well renovated buildings and with easy listening music on the iPod. At the time I finally had my diploma I was disillusioned on behalf of a profession and a vocation that I thought (and still think) has a great potential. Instead I joined Supertanker and worked on a team that was obsessed with the city like myself, but saw the problems to be…

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