Vi diskuterar Malmös utmaning på toppen av City Hall

Jag fick i början på veckan tillfälle att träffa innovatörer och stads representanter från hela världen i London på “Cities Summit – Ideas worth sharing”. Ett möte arrangerat av Citymart.  Mötet hölls i City Hall i London med borgmästaren Boris Johnson som värd.  A jolly fellow! Tidigt i maj blev jag kontaktad av en Citymart representativ som […]

Welcome to the City as a living organism ART & SCIENCE SEMINAR – How do we create a holistic urban environment? Seminar about finding a common language. Ten experts of different areas of Science and Art come together to discuss and work concretely on site. The Experts start already on 27th of May by building […]

Norrebro cyklar för ren luft

I recently came home from a week in Copenhagen  where I took this picture. The Norrebro kids learn early that: “Norrebro bikes for clean air” as the sign on the banner says. I also found a wonderful collection of bike photos from Copenhagen on the blog Copenhagen cycle chic. I love shadow pictures….

ALTERVILLE’S Master’s Degree: Political and Strategic Alternatives for the Towns, Cities and Metropolises of Tomorrow is a master’s degree program conceived by the Université de Lyon. A suggestion for all who still believe that there are alternative solutions for towns and cities with limited urban capital (or for you who would like to believe). The Alterville masters’ course will […]

It makes me so happy when I find that there are people out there doing great things in a world marked by cynicism and greed. It makes all the difference! From Backdoor jobs: Sustainable Living & Farming Jobs: In a world focused on technology and getting ahead at all costs, it might be time to look […]

My father-in-law was a history professor whose special interest was Scandinavian life and civilization. American teachers often use humor to illustrate the subject at hand, and this joke was one he used to introduce the topic of perceived differences between people in the Nordic countries: Eight survivors of a shipwreck–two Norwegians, two Danes, two Finns […]

Greetings from the biking city Copenhagen! Here ANYTHING is transported on a bike!  Almost anyway.  And it seems as though everyone owns a bike too.  A group in Copenhagen is teaching immigrant women how to bike and another group has started taking elderly people who are not able to bike themselves anymore out on a […]

London blooming bridge

This morning’s best news came from WIRED where we read that London is planning a park bridge. Bridges can be much more than just a facilitator for transportation. Architect Thomas Heatherwick has designed a park bridge which would cross the River Thames. It would have a new plant-filled pedestrian crossing which looks like the Highland park bridge […]

NY Digital divide

Jag kallar min blogg “I am linked therefore I am”. “Linked” kan man förstå på flera olika sätt: Jag är länkad till andra genom sociala relationer, geografisk närhet, intressen, släktskap, arbete och genom att jag kan hålla kontakt med släkt och vänner på avstånd, och dig – min läsare – genom Internet. Uppkopplingen till nätet har […]


…som det är idag när vi är ute och seglar! Mitt hav brukar tala till mig  när vi seglar. Ofta sjunger det mitt namn: Ylva, Ylva, Ylva, Ylva…. Ibland vår båts isländska namn som betyder våg: Hrönn, Hrönn, Hrönn… Men idag gråter det: Hjälp, Hjälp, Hjälp! Den gröna sörjiga mattan finns inte ännu i min hamn. Så […]

I sitt P1 Sommarprogram berättade författaren Therése Söderlind om sitt författarskap, om ursprung och sanning och om hur vi människor drabbar varandra och om en barndom på 70-talet och om varför vi berättar historier. Hennes sommarprat hör till de bästa jag hört denna sommar.  Hannah skickade en länk till sommarpratet med hälsningen “med Therése Söderlind vill jag […]

  Why has it lasted so long to build the first orgnaic hospital greenhouse? I also hope many more will follow.    

  What a great initiative! The Finnish capital has announced plans to transform its existing public transport network into a comprehensive, point-to-point “mobility on demand” system by 2025 – one that, in theory, would be so good nobody would have any reason to own a car – read more.…. And my old hometown Boulder has a […]

The science art & science seminar “The City as a Living Organism” organized by AKU-visual acupuncture (in collaboration with Pro Artibus and the research and development institute Aronia and Novia University of Applied Sciences) is a good example of how city planning could be influenced and inspired by the arts as well as natural and […]

Ur tidningen Västranyland.  


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